Scared of Commitment? Hair Chalk :)


I made use today of the blonde hair I’ve had for a couple weeks now. Being stuck in the bush with an iPhone and the Internet is both a fascinating and evil thing. Pinterest (thank you, Kristen, I spend all day on it) had multiple pinnings of this neat thing called hair chalking.

It entails temporarily dyeing ones hair with chalk. Not all of it though! Just pieces here and there. Seemed to me in most of the pictures people had blonde hair for chalking, but you can do it with dark hair too. I figured I may as well put the blonde in my hair to use (still don’t know if I’m liking the ombré style).

It is so freakin’ basic.

This is all I did:

Step 1: Took literally the cheapest chalk ever (picture at bottom of page $1 🙂 thanks to ‘K’) picked my color (blue) and put it in a half-filled cup of water, keeping half of the stick dry so you don’t need gloves. Leave chalk in for 5-10 min.

Step 2: Take a random section of hair and twist all the strands together. That way when you put the chalk on, it’s more textured to pick up the color.

Step 3: Do yourself a favor and just do this part outside. In a t-shirt that you’ve worn for three days you’ll be washing tonight. Take the chalk out of the water, and rub it down the piece of twisted hair. Keep doing this till the hair is either coated, or you have the desired amount of color on it. Remember that some of it will come off right after its dry.

Step 4: Let the strand dry, then take a straightener, and give it some movement. Loosely curl it. This will help set the color in the strands.

Step 5: Spritz with hair spray to help stop it from shedding off the chalk.

Voila!!!!! So simple 🙂 and generally washes out with 1-2 washes (usually light hair takes longer).