The Return, the Recap, and ER


Its been a small hiatus while I have had final exams and whatnot. In short the last two weeks, I passed my course portion of EMT, I went home and got some days off, I pigged out, went blonde (more on that later…) and started my hospital practicum in a rural hospital north of Edmonton, AB.

Now I’m very sleepy and it’s my 24th birthday tomorrow, but the hospital has been great. I’ve learned three good lessons:

1. Young South African doctors are hot, have hot accents, but unfortunately the moment you walk into their emergency room with “student” on your uniform, you are now a nuisance, invisible, and have no chance.

2. Watching a woman have a biopsy on her breast in a table in front of me has taught me I will probably never do well in a surgery. I can handle having to take action in stuff…but watching a scalpel on a breast was unfortunately enough to make me woozy in the legs. Thankfully the nurse said if I had fainted, it wouldnt be the first time that’s happened in the room. I guess some lady’s husband dropped flat while she was giving birth, and all the doctors and nurses were so busy, there was nothing you could do but grab him by the shoes and drag him to the corner out of the way. Hilarious.

3. Never ever make a pirate joke to a one-eyed patient. Had to help change a dressing on a guy who got his left eye and sinus cavity removed. Way gross, and cool, but as in taking his vitals and talking to him, he’s telling me he’s got big plans for the night. In my head I thought “yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum.”
“Sir, do you smoke?”
Patient: “Uh, we’ll that’s complicated”
“The doctor needs to know. It’s an Arr or no question”
Ok I didn’t say THAT but I thought about it.

Anyways, sleep is coming, and I’m hoping they call me in the middle of the night for a guy that’s shot or something. You know…good stuff.

Night 🙂


Studying Yourself Sick

Today is a sick day unfortunately for myself of all people. I went to bed early last night, slept like a rock, and woke up to a knocking on my door. I swore quietly, fully aware that the reason for the knock was because I slept in. I got out of bed and tried to walk to the door, but for some strange reason my leg wasn’t working, and I was unbelievably dizzy. I crashed to the floor in front of my bedroom door, and I heard Morgan ask if I was ok.
She said I had no color, and that she was going to go get Brian.
Oh great.
After 15 minutes I figured Brian wasn’t coming and everyone was mad at me. So I decided I was going to go to work. I stumbled around, trying to dress and get my bag together. I half limped out to the parking lot, and started the truck.
When I come back in to grab a coat, I had to hold the wall to come back down the hallway, and the world was spinning. I heard the door open behind me.
“Sierra Borden. I am going to kill you if you think you are going to work like this.”

Brian. You are such a dad.

He helped me back to my room. After asking me some questions, it sounds like the built up pressure in my right ear the last four days (I neglected to mention it to him before hand) had pushed fluid into my inner ear, causing my dizziness.

So I’m in bed today. Ian, the other paramedic brought me some medication, for my sinuses. I woke up at 2 and staggered to the kitchen for soup, but the dizziness factor was minute compared to the morning.

So now I study my gigantic EMT textbook.


A-Types, Their Humor, and a Date


Guy Medic: “You know who would be really hot if they weren’t snobby? Those girls with the recording crew.”
Me: “Meh. I’m not jealous. They probably have like seven STDs.”
Brian: “Sierra!”
Me: “I wasn’t being mean, that could very well be a realistic answer.”

Yes, the obnoxious attitude still clung to me when I got back to camp from EMT class. It’s so hard to though when you’ve spent 24/5 with twenty-one A-type personalities.
We are all extremely social, opinionated, and rambunctious. We’ve all got our egos, and we aren’t afraid to criticize each others abilities, albeit it’s generally constructive criticism. We group together and stay together.

But the week at school was eventful. A very cute boy (yes, boy, all of 21…now I’m robbing the cradle) took me out for lunch on Wednesday. Unfortunately when he asked me to go, I was already eating chicken fingers, and Morgann was on her way with a salad for me.

Me: “Aw no! He’s on his way to pick me up. There’s no way I’m saying no. Now I have to pretend I haven’t eaten at all!
(takes off EMT uniform shirt, and keeps undershirt and pants on)
Me: “Do I look fat?”
Brad: “No…but you’re going to look fat after three lunches.”
Me: “Thanks…”

Super nice guy (not Brad) but Calvin. Met him on the camp that is pretty much home now. Well-spoken and very mature, solid 8/10 for looks.

Even if nothing comes of it, I’ll always have Brian, whom has created a place no one can fill. And boy do I give him a hard time.

Me: “Here, let me get the door for you.”
Brian: “Oh, thank you.”
Me: “And now I’m going to help you cross the street.”
Brian: “You don’t have your GEMS course. You can’t help geriatrics. Nice try.”