You’re Going to Feel a Little Poke

Morgan's handy work

Morgan's handy work

I wasn’t feeling very good yesterday or the day before, actually I am positive it was due to the lobster I indulged in on Thursday night at school, because the next day I was periodically nauseated, and anything I ate gave me ridiculous stomach cramps then sent me running to the bathroom to relieve myself. So yesterday I took it upon myself to flush my system with water all day. I ate nothing till dinner and was feeling very weak. Once again I ran to the bathroom.

Then all the medics had a meeting at the boss’ shack for 8. We went over ALS assistance and equipment that paramedics use in the field. Then Morgan and I (both writing the finals for our EMT program in two weeks) wanted to practice IV’s. I offered up my arm and everybody was stood around to watch.

It really didn’t take as long as it felt. Maybe 4-5 minutes. I have to concentrate when someone has a needle in me so I can ignore the stinging. I don’t know what happened though. Once she got it into the vein, and the tourniquet was released on my arm, I immediately felt my stomach rolling and the sensation of someone cupping over my ears. I’m sure I would have laughed watching this happen to myself.

I weakly called Brian, sputtering that I was going to throw up. He said I wouldn’t. I said it again. Someone got a bucket.

By the time they got it all out of my arm and was stopping the bleeding, my vision was all starry and sparkly, and I got up and stumbled to the back door. I hung out it in the cold breeze, and I would have peed myself laughing if it weren’t me this was occurring to. After a few minutes, I turned to Brian, and all he could say was “Wow, are you EVER white.”

I laid down on the medical bed till my color returned. Ridiculous I tell you. I looked like such a pansy.



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