A-Types, Their Humor, and a Date


Guy Medic: “You know who would be really hot if they weren’t snobby? Those girls with the recording crew.”
Me: “Meh. I’m not jealous. They probably have like seven STDs.”
Brian: “Sierra!”
Me: “I wasn’t being mean, that could very well be a realistic answer.”

Yes, the obnoxious attitude still clung to me when I got back to camp from EMT class. It’s so hard to though when you’ve spent 24/5 with twenty-one A-type personalities.
We are all extremely social, opinionated, and rambunctious. We’ve all got our egos, and we aren’t afraid to criticize each others abilities, albeit it’s generally constructive criticism. We group together and stay together.

But the week at school was eventful. A very cute boy (yes, boy, all of 21…now I’m robbing the cradle) took me out for lunch on Wednesday. Unfortunately when he asked me to go, I was already eating chicken fingers, and Morgann was on her way with a salad for me.

Me: “Aw no! He’s on his way to pick me up. There’s no way I’m saying no. Now I have to pretend I haven’t eaten at all!
(takes off EMT uniform shirt, and keeps undershirt and pants on)
Me: “Do I look fat?”
Brad: “No…but you’re going to look fat after three lunches.”
Me: “Thanks…”

Super nice guy (not Brad) but Calvin. Met him on the camp that is pretty much home now. Well-spoken and very mature, solid 8/10 for looks.

Even if nothing comes of it, I’ll always have Brian, whom has created a place no one can fill. And boy do I give him a hard time.

Me: “Here, let me get the door for you.”
Brian: “Oh, thank you.”
Me: “And now I’m going to help you cross the street.”
Brian: “You don’t have your GEMS course. You can’t help geriatrics. Nice try.”


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