Days Consist of Tea, Thought, and Repelling Sexual Harassment

When one hears of a woman working with over 600 men, it’s easy to wonder how she makes it through living there without being taken advantage of. But it happens, I tell you. Hell, even in MEETINGS it happens. The men whom I standby for had been being asked to find a trapper, and if they did, would receive a company hat. I spoke up, loudly inquiring if I would get the hat should I come across the trapper. The consultant chuckled and said if I DID find him, I could bounce on his knee. My reply to him (and the room)? I’d rather have the hat.

Luckily, men in all their post-Neanderthal ways have learned to use words to their liking. And boy, do they put them to use.

Sometimes you are curious as to what they say as you pass by a group of them. A comment was once relayed to me as to where a guy would put a heat-detecting prong in me, and I have since decided not to wonder at the repulsive, albeit creative, things brainless monkeys can come up with.

It’s a common saying here that sexual harassment is a benefit. I laugh now because I understand, but in the beginning it was quite the adjustment.

Sometimes I can be just as bad though, especially the dinner table, playing games with the other medics by verbally “laying claim to that one. AND that one.”
Never lose your standards though, or respect for yourself.
My boss asked what was wrong with me at the table last night as I made the bad example of pointing and giggling with the girls.
My reply?
“Look, B, I’m just having fun. You would want to have fun too if you had a gap-toothed, hill billy vac hauler hanging into your window drooling for two hours a day.”
Brian: “Touché.”


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