An Educational Moment About Feces

I made the mistake of asking the paramedic I work with about a term I learned in my EMT textbook.

Fecal vomiting.

Yes you heard it. I was reading about gastrointestinal illnesses and medical conditions when I came across this. This…symptom…occurs when a person has such a severely obstructed bowel that their SHAT has nowhere to go…but back where it came from.

Ahem. Yes, I am aware you are grossed out.

I was so awestruck though because I had never heard of it. My textbook only claimed the person you would be treating with an obstructed bowel would have “breath that smelled of fecal matter”. When I asked the female paramedic I work with about it however, it’s safe to say I got more than I bargained for.

Not ONLY did she go on to explain the condition, but she opened my eyes to the fact that a person will actually vomit feces. Although I was completely grossed out, that didn’t stop her from complimenting the explanation with a story of a person she knew. This other female she spoke of indeed was suffering from OB. The doctors did everything for her, and she was throwing up feces like mad, people gagging all around. They tried a soap sud wash finally after an enema, and suppositories. When it wasn’t looking good, and the doctors could not figure out why her bowels were not moving, they played their last card. A treatment, believe it or not, called….DIGITAL STIMULATION.

Your finger is a digit. Stimulation is stimulation. 1+1=who the F thought of that?

(on a side note, how on earth do you train for that in school? Hello students! you are going to put your finger in a….)

Anyways, while the doctor was doing this, apparently the girl with OB felt the soap suds kick in, and she uncontrollably (I use the word again) SHAT everywhere in the doctors office. I could not stop laughing.

And the moral of the story?


The end.


One response

  1. Considering you said, “Yes, I am aware you are grossed out” I thought about not saying anything… but ew! I’ve been browsing your blog and I’m enjoying reading it. That’s pretty …ridiculous though. Haha

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