Isolation Does Things to a Person

Just another day in paradise today. Although It was nice to see a colder day (-22!) for a change, hopefully helping the roads up here instead of making them work.

I found myself quite preoccupied today with a strange thing. See, I was told to just sit where this other medic was sitting way up in the bush. So I did.

Middle of Nowhere

Not naming any names, but let`s just say it was a pleasure to get to know `Patrice`. Tall, good-looking, a little on the quiet side, and chiseled. Yes, I hate using that word, as it just screams ego, but Patrice has earned its use.
We chatted for the 5ish hours we were parked sidelong, he probably didn`t like it at first but I`m pushy, therefore he chatted right along with me till I left. At once, from the moment I met him, I instantly became completely and obsessively focused on his eyelashes.
I know I`m not the only one this has happened to, but when you meet a man with eyelashes that go beyond any woman`s, there is bound to be some jealousy involved.
Well. They are FABULOUS. And they send my short, straight, fire-pokers packing back to the follicle.
In fact I thought about them all afternoon. I wanted to know how fine the hair was, was it thick, was it even. I wanted to try curling them and see if them would just go overboard, or if they were, dare I say it, TOO LONG TO CURL! They were like an anomaly. Like a black person with blue eyes. Coveted by sooooo many women, and God hands them to a man! He`s doesn`t even wear MAKEUP for crying out loud! I daydreamed about putting mascara on them (three different formulas actually) to see how they faired, if they would collapse under the weight of it, or if they would even separate.

I feel even with my three coats (two formulas) of mascara (lengthening + separating and a volumizing) mine do not even bring an eye-catching wager to the table. My estrogen-influenced mug doesn`t even feel qualified to face the Caesar of all eyelashes. I wanted to sing an ode to them and feed them grapes.

I suppose I`m stuck with falsies.

Patrice…you lucky guy.


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