Good Start to the Morning

My morning started off with a call, brilliant! I dressed comfy for my Safe Behavior training today. Went to breakfast. Made it just over to the paramedic shack when my boss, we will call him BF, got a call.
“Hey kiddo, wanna come?”
I eagerly accepted.
“I’m grabbing the equipment, someone’s having a seizure at the dining hall. Meet me there.”
I ran across the parking lot back to the hall, and right on the platform lay a man, with a bloody face and head.
He must have fallen the moment he convulsed.
His eyes were hazy and another EMR, Cregory we’ll call him, was gloved up holding his head still and talking to him.
The paramedics showed up and began to work him while I assisted prepping the equipment.
I love watching them work. It’s like art. They work so calmly, so fluidly, so synced and unrushed. Every word and hand movement counts. I pulled out the glucometer for Ian, passed him a lancet to which he pricked the patients finger. He then instructed me to spike the IV bag, prepping the line for hookup to the cathalon Ian was piercing into a vein on his hand. Thank God I remembered SOMETHING from EMT class.
After all was said in done, we got him boarded up and sent him to the hospital. It’s plus 1 today (in January can you believe it!) and Highway 881 is a skating rink they say, a logging truck has rolled on it. And Highway 63 (the “killer highway”) is closed due to ice. So by helicopter he went.
Turns out he has epilepsy. Kept asking for his meds while we were hooking him up.
The guy works as a derrickhand on a rig (meaning he works about 50-60 feet in the air on a platform).
Bizarre right?



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