Co-workers: The Best of Conversations

Conversations are often the highlight of my day at work wherever I am stationed. So as I sit here (preparing myself for a couple night shifts by staying up to sleep tomorrow) I decide to recount to you some favorite snippets of mine.

The coworkers involved?

  • BRIAN: My site coordinator/paramedic for all the medics on site. Like a dad.
  • BRENT: Brian’s former paramedic partner. Brilliant. 0 people skills. No idea how they worked together.
  • MORGAN: Very good medic friend of mine. Works on the site. Same age as me.


BRIAN: Don’t worry, we’re going to be discreet. Brent is bringing the ambulance.
[a moment later loud sirens are heard in the parking lot outside]
BRIAN: (head shaking) Oh Brent…
ME: (to patient) Hey your ride’s here.
PATIENT: Really? How do you know?
[BRENT walks in the door and stoops in front of the patient]
BRENT: Hey there, sir! How’s it going?
PATIENT: Don’t yell at me!
BRENT: Alright..

The day before, at dinnertime

MORGAN: Bob didn’t bring me a coffee today (sad look)….but that’s ok! I don’t need coffee. I’m not going to make him my hand-servant like you.
ME: Don’t be ridiculous. He’s not my hand-servant. Hand-servants get paid.

BRIAN: [finishes a long explanation to me the pathophysiology of an anaphylaxis in a patient]
ME: Wow. You’re a good egg-head, Brian. That’s why I keep you around.
BRIAN: YOU keep ME around?

[a day after getting bit by a whiskeyjack while feeding it from my hand]
BRIAN: Did you learn your lesson and not feed the birds today?
ME: Actually I learned a better lesson: I fed them with a GLOVE on! And now I have trained them to eat cheese from my shoulder. I hope they never bite my face.
BRIAN: I swear to God if I ever have to write that report….

And the conversations get better the longer you’re out here 😉


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